CRYSTALENS, is a single-focus accommodating intraocular lens.


CRYSTALENS, is a single-focus accommodating intraocular lens. It was developed to address the loss of intermediate and near focusing ability. CRYSTALENS is manufactured from a proprietary and specially formulated solid silicone called Biosil ™. CRYSTALENS is a cataract replacement lens that works naturally with your eyes' muscles to give you the quality of vision you enjoyed when you were younger.

The revolutionary design element that makes CRYSTALENS the state-of-the-art replacement lens are "hinges" which are designed to allow the lens to move, or accommodate to focus on objects near, far and all distances in-between seamlessly.

Unlike old-style fixed focal lenses, which didn't move, CRYSTALENS has the ability to move, thus focusing as your eye's natural lens did when you were younger. Your surgeon will take precise measurements to insure the correct lens power selection for your eye.

Upon having your cataract removed, it is now possible for your surgeon to replace the lens with CRYSTALENS in order to help you regain the ability to see not only at distance, but also see intermediate and near objects-without dependence on glasses.

After your surgery and the placement of CRYSTALENS, you will "relearn" how to focus your vision with your doctor's help and instruction. After a brief time of adaptation, it is expected that you will be able to perform most tasks-far, intermediate and near-without dependence on glasses.